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Webmaster Resources - Charts for Websites

It's true! TR4DER portal already allows you to use our charts on your web pages, blogs, personal works, etc.

If you have a website where you wish to put a chart about an asset or an index, or even a personal blog about investments, or simply need to have charts to use on simple messages on forums, you can get them here, for free.

TR4DER portal now allows you to use our charts on any website.

The charts are updated by the TR4DER portal, and some may have a certain delay related to others, but not much, but they are exactly the same charts used by the TR4DER portal itself, with a simple difference: the charts here allow you to write a custom message on the chart itself:

You can even use these charts on your personal works or printings for your work, ebooks, or other reasons, exactly as they are.

If you choose to use a custom text, the message on the bottom part of the chart will be substituted by the text you choose to have as a custom message, which could be used to mention your website, as for example "Look my technical analysis in my personal blog".

You can even adjust the HTML source code provided by us to adjust the chart so that it can fit better on your website, and you can also change the size of the image on your website itself if necessary, but to have better quality it is recommended that you do it directly on our portal.

This way our users have access to our updated charts, freely available for everything they might need, even on your websites, making reference to your websites on the charts we provide, as if they were your own charts made by yourself, but in an automated way.

If a certain asset changes its symbol in the future (usually we keep those symbols the more similar possible to the ones used on the Internet and we change them also for search purposes), the webmasters of certain websites won't have to preoccupy with changing the symbol in the code on their websites, since the TR4DER portal will do all the work by recognizing the symbol of the ancient assets which are not used anymore, and show the correct ones. For example, we have the old symbol of "SNA.LS", which can be used without any problems by any user in the code that is put on their websites, and TR4DER will manage to search the "Sonae SGPS" asset anyway without its new symbol. For that reason, it will never be necessary to change anything on the HTML code on the websites even if we change the assets' symbols, since everything is done by the TR4DER portal itself.

These charts are 100% free and without any cost, neither there is any obligation with their use, just the request that the images aren't altered.

The charts can be from any of the assets that we have on our website, they can have a size customized by the user, a custom text, and even a time-frame, which could be of days, months, years, etc.

You should select only the width and height of the image you wish and click on "Obtain Code" to see a preview of the chart how it is at the moment with the data you have chosen. After doing that, you can put a custom text at your taste, and click again on "Obtain Code" and you'll have the final code of the chart you've made for you to put on your website.The asset is already chosen, in this case the "AM INOX BR -PN [ACES4.SA]", asset, if you wish to select choose another one, you should go back to the quote page, and select another asset.

Custom Chart Configuration "AM INOX BR -PN [ACES4.SA]":

[ACES4.SA] chart with the current data:


Optional Footer Message:


Click below to select and copy the HTML code:

Direct image url, to be used on forums, emails, etc...

HTML code to be used on websites, blogs, etc...

Note: It's necessary to add a "<p>" at the end of the HTML code if you wish to have a line of
distance between the chart and the following text.

Search the Internet:

Website Width:
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