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About the Chart Game:

Have you ever wondered if some stock would see its price rise or lower in the future? Is there anyone of us who have never wondered about that before?

Those who invest in the medium or short term must have certainly noticed the importance of being able, through the detection of patterns on the charts, or even developing a kind of sixth sense (or simply lots of practice), to predict the direction of prices in the future.

When we see a chart already drawn with historical prices data, sometimes we think "how perfect these sinusoidal waves are in the chart, so easy to predict, I would make lots of money predicting so easily these price movements". But the truth is that, if we put a paper over a chart that we haven't ever seen before, and start uncovering the chart with the paper day by day to try to predict the price movement on the next candles, without seeing them, we soon find out that it isn't as easy as we thought in the first place.

With practice and experience, we develop a strange capability to instinctively predict those price movements with more efficiency, something that helps us on our investments. In this game, lots of players will soon discover, after playing some times, that sometimes it is better to buy and let the position be left open to see how it behaves with time, than being buying and selling all the time to try to make profits, because the typical "Buy and Hold", is there for the player to compare what profit has been done on the game with what the player would have as profit if the player would have bought and never sold after that.

For this reason, we have this way a good opportunity to offer you an excellent game developed by Matthias Wandel, which he has on his website, which allows us to precisely do that, to bet on the rise or fall of prices and see candle by candle their evolution, and for that we decided to give special attention to this game in our website.

How the game works?

When we play, the computer will give us a chart with historical quotes taken from a random stock from the S&P500 index, from a random range of time, without telling us which stock it is and which is the range of time that the chart represents, avoiding this way the temptation of the player wanting to know to where the prices will go to try to win the game.

So you have here a real opportunity, with daily or weekly candle charts (you can select that on the game), to open and close long and short positions on that stock, and see day by day or week by week what comes on that chart in the future, and the profit that would have been made if it had been invested real money on those trades.

You can improve this way your knowledge and skills on trading, and if you start having good profits continuously, having in account that the charts are taken from real stocks, you'll have this way a good opportunity to invest better and to practice with these charts on a daily basis. You can also share print screens of your results and records in the forum with other users if you want to.

Your profits are measured in percentage, you can select between Japanese Candle charts or Line Charts, see the Volume, use indicators as the RSI, Bollinger Bands, or even the MACD, and in the options that we have below at right there is an option to reveal the source of the chart data ("Reveal chart source"), and another to give up from the chart we're playing and move to the next one taken from a random stock ("Skip to next chart").

Below the chart a button exists to allow us to open a reverse position, which will close our position and open a reverse one ("short" or "long"), or even close our current position, and there is also a button to advance one candle on the chart to see the results of our choices, and as a third button, a button that we can press and maintain the key pressed to make the chart advance into the future more quickly without the need for us to click on the other button lots of times.

To play this game, click on: Trading Game. We thank the author of this game, Matthias Wandel, for making this great and very useful training tool available for us traders. All the comments that you might want to give to the author of this game, you can give them on his own website. About the questions that you might have about how this game operates, you can put them in our forum.

Play the Trading Game (Chart Game)

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