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Old 24-11-2011, 08:19
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Default TR4DER Tags - How to Use Them on the Forum

TR4DER Tags, which are them and how to use them?

There are some special tags that can be used in our forums, which can be used by clicking on the buttons next to the Youtube tag:

These two buttons, have two different functionalities, the one represented by the informative button “I” is used to show some information and chart about a certain asset, and the one which has a chart on its icon is the one that allows us to show a chart of a certain asset. The info one is used with the [ info] and [ /info] tags, and the chart button is used with the [ chart] and [ /chart] tags (without spaces).

Data and Small Chart of an asset to use on the forum:

About the first one, it is very simple, you just have to put the symbol of the asset you want to show, between the tags, and lets use as an example the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI):

We'll write, without spaces, this: [ center][ info]^DJI[ /info][ /center]

(We left the center tags out of the code, so that only the users that would want to center the charts will use the [ center] tags, and those who don't want to center the chart won't need to use them.)

What do we see now? The used tags will now become a link with the name of the asset ("Dow Jones Industrial Average"), and that points to the info page of that asset, with quotes, info, news, charts, etc, for an easy access, and for those who would just want to quickly visualize the chart, try moving your mouse over the link and see what happens:

As you can see, the quickly view of the chart functionality with information about the asset have been used on a simple thread of this or any forum (as you can see in the Webmaster Resources how to use them on your own forums). When you want to talk about an asset you can simply put without spaces [ info]MSFT[ /info] and you'll have for example in this case a link to the page with a quick preview when moving the mouse over with information and a chart.

Charts to use on the Forums:

This is a quick way to show a chart of a certain asset on the forum.

Imagine that you want to say to someone that a certain stock has behaved badly on the last 10 years. You just have to use a simple command and you can show it. Lets choose the Microsoft stock for the example, we would put just this without spaces - [ chart]msft[ /chart]:

But this option is more complete than it may look like, you can also define the time frame as well as the chart width and height!

The correct syntax would be [ chart]symbol-time frame-height x width[ /chart] (without spaces)...

Lets choose an intraday Microsoft chart, with the "MSFT" symbol, we would have to put MSFT-intraday on the mile:

([ center][ chart]msft-intraday[ /chart][ /center])

And how to put the image with a 400 pixels width and 300 pixels height?

Simple, by putting this inside the tags - MSFT-intraday-400x300:

([ center][ chart]MSFT-intraday-400x300[ /chart][ /center])

And what about a Dow Jones Industrial Average chart? What's its symbol? You just have to check the TR4DER's [url=]quotes[/url] and search for the Dow Jones quote and which symbol it has. We could sort the quotes by asset name in an ascendant way first:

After that we have to search for the Dow Jones line and will notice the symbol that it has in front of it between “()”:

The symbol as we can see is “^DJI”. So, it's simple, we have the symbol, and we want an intraday Dow Jones chart, and will want to have for example a 600 pixels width by 300 pixels height chart, so we'll write, with the [ center] tags to have it centered, this:

And voilą! An intraday chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average with the size we want, embedded in the forum itself.


If it has more width or height than a certain limit which would go around 700 pixels, or less width or height than the minimum, the maximum or minimum widths or heights will be used instead, according with the limits which have been surpassed.

If no values are inserted, default values will be used. The same happens with the time-frame, if none is defined, the default value will be used, which is usually 1 year.

If the asset symbol is wrong, it will have only the name of the wrong symbol written:

[ chart] DJE [ /chart] would have as a result:

As you can see, only the symbol became visible because it has no associated asset...

In case you have any doubt you can always click on the “quote” button on the post in which someone has used some charts, and see the code they've used to create them, their tags, etc.

Another important thing to have in mind is that these charts are dynamic, they can have some value at a time and a different value at another time, as you can see the last candle with a different value 10 minutes later during a trading day, so if you want to put a fixed and unchangeable chart as an example, you'll have to save it first on your hard drive through that asset's info page, and then using it on the post as an attachment, uploading it to the post, and that way it will already be used as it is, on a fixed and unchangeable image and not a possibly real-time dynamic chart.

But on a daily basis this two tags could be very useful to you, the [ info ] and the [ chart ] ones.

Lets see an example:

Today, the has gained several points...

Lets see what will happen on the next few days...
This example was created with the following code (without spaces)...

Today, the [ info]^DJI[ /info] has gained several points...

[ center][ chart]^DJI-intraday-500x200[ /chart][ /center]

Lets see what will happen on the next few days...
Remember that a simple [chart ]symbol[ /chart] without any additional information would show you a chart with default values of that asset you have chosen with the default time-frame (usually 1 year).

Scribd embedded PDF files:

There is also another icon, the which is also shown on the new posts interface and visible when we're editing a message or a new thread, that is used to embed Scribd PDFs inside the post. When clicking upon it, the tags [ scribd] and [ /scribd] appear, and between them we'll put the Scribd code which comes after the "id=" on the embedded code which they give us.

On the gigantic embedded code which Scribd gives us, something like this can be found inside:

value="&document_id=15778386&access_key=ke y-1evumaism91xpzeklqv9&page="
From here we'ld take what is after the "id=" and put it between the tags:

[ scribd]15778386&access_key=key-1evumaism91xpzeklqv9&page=[ /scribd]

(On the new links we would have something like: "" and from here we would use just the "28713759?access_key=key-2ed4kkruzu9o1sni3wsk" and substitute the "?" by "&" and would have the link already made: [ scribd]28713759&access_key=key-2ed4kkruzu9o1sni3wsk[ / scribd]).

Having as a final result:

Now we can embed inside our posts the PDFs we find on Scribd.


For those who might have forgotten, you can also put YouTube videos with the [ youtube ] Tag, just by putting the video code between the [ youtube ] and [ /youtube ] tags.

From here: http ://www . youtube. com/watch?v=m34Wv-2yjQo

We would have:
[ youtube]m34Wv-2yjQo[/ youtube] (without spaces)

Ending up with:

If you have any doubts don't hesitate to ask us here, or even sending your opinions, as well as suggestions and ideas, anything that might help us improve these functionalities and make them more pleasant and practical to you, because they were created for you.

All the best,

The TR4DER Team.
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