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Last Minute: "UPS truck police chase: Driver Frank Ordonez killed after being taken hostage; FBI identifies two slain suspects - CBS News" Fri, 06 Dec 2019 17:29:00 GMT    "Supreme Court will study whether states may require partisan balance for courts - The Washington Post" Fri, 06 Dec 2019 21:08:00 GMT    "House passes voting rights bill to restore protections struck down by Supreme Court - The Washington Post" Fri, 06 Dec 2019 22:09:00 GMT    "Saudi Arabia 'greatly angered' by Pensacola Navy base shooting, Trump says - USA TODAY" Fri, 06 Dec 2019 19:51:08 GMT    "Supreme Court grants Trump's request to temporarily block two banks from disclosing his financial records - USA TODAY" Fri, 06 Dec 2019 23:48:45 GMT   "White House says it won't participate in impeachment hearing - CNN" Sat, 07 Dec 2019 00:16:00 GMT    "House Ethics Committee informs Duncan Hunter he can no longer vote after guilty plea | TheHill - The Hill" Thu, 05 Dec 2019 23:32:30 GMT    "Pensacola shooting: Gunman was a military pilot from Saudi Arabia training in the U.S., officials say - The Washington Post" Fri, 06 Dec 2019 22:33:00 GMT    "Supreme Court won?t let Justice Dept. immediately resume federal executions after hiatus - The Washington Post" Sat, 07 Dec 2019 00:02:00 GMT    "Viral video shows border wall being scaled at Mexicali. Border Patrol says system 'worked exactly as designed' - USA TODAY" Fri, 06 Dec 2019 03:48:36 GMT      For more news, click here.

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  1. White House Signals Trump Won?t Mount House Impeachment Defense  The New York Times
  2. House Democrat says he plans to vote against all articles of impeachment  CNN
  3. The Hill's 12:30 Report: Job growth soars in November | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Impeachment hearing didn't go as Chairman Nadler planned | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Democrats need to realize that impeaching Trump may not accomplish anything at all  CNBC
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  1. Elon Musk found not liable in 'pedo guy' defamation trial  CNBC
  2. Elon Musk wins 'pedo guy' defamation case  BBC News
  3. Elon Musk?s lawyers pressure caver Unsworth for an apology  The Verge
  4. Jury finds Elon Musk did not defame British cave explorer with 'pedo guy' tweet  KTVU San Francisco
  5. Elon Musk wins in defamation trial over his 'pedo guy' tweet  Business Insider
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  1. What we know about the Saudi national suspect in the Pensacola Navy base shooting  USA TODAY
  2. Naval Air Station Pensacola shooter was Saudi aviation student, investigators eye potential terror link  Fox News
  3. Three dead, several injured in Pensacola naval station shooting | TheHill  The Hill
  4. 2 active shooters in one week prompt questions about military bases' ban on firearms  NBC News
  5. Four dead including shooter at NAS Pensacola, officials say  Fox News
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  1. Haley: Dylann Roof 'hijacked' Confederate flag from people who saw it as symbolizing 'service, and sacrifice and heritage'  CNN
  2. Nikki Haley Suggests Confederate Flag Meant 'Sacrifice and Heritage' Until Dylann Roof 'Hijacked' It  The Daily Beast
  3. Nikki Haley defends comments about the Confederate flag  NBC News
  4. Nikki Haley claims otherwise innocuous Confederate flag was 'hijacked' by killer  The Guardian
  5. Nikki Haley sparks Confederate flag furor with new interview, but says she stands by her decision to remove it from statehouse  CNBC
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  1. A UPS driver was working a new route when he was taken hostage and killed in an outrageous police shootout  The Washington Post
  2. Kidnapped UPS driver, bystander and jewelry store heist suspects dead after Florida highway rush-hour shootout  Fox News
  3. The UPS employee who died after his truck was hijacked was covering the route for another driver, brother says  CNN
  4. A UPS truck driver was killed during a shootout between police and 2 armed robbers
  5. Hostage killed in shootout was on his first day on the job as a UPS driver  WSB Atlanta
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  1. Trump asks Supreme Court to block House subpoenas to banks for financial documents  CNN
  2. Trump asks Supreme Court to halt Deutsche Bank subpoenas | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Trump asks Supreme Court to stop banks from disclosing his financial data  Reuters
  4. Trump brings a third case over his financial records to the Supreme Court  CNBC
  5. Trump asks Supreme Court to halt Deutsche Bank subpoena  Politico
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  1. Buttigieg confronted by voters over work for McKinsey  POLITICO
  2. When Pete Buttigieg Was One of McKinsey?s ?Whiz Kids?  The New York Times
  3. Pete Buttigieg can?t talk about three years of his life at McKinsey  Los Angeles Times
  4. Maybe this is what Pete Buttigieg was trying to say about empathy  The Washington Post
  5. Buttigieg?s Untenable Vow of Silence  The New York Times
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Viral video shows border wall being scaled at Mexicali. Border Patrol says system 'worked exactly as designed'  USA TODAY View full coverage on Google News
  1. Sanders: Buttigieg is 'wrong' about college affordability | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Doctor's report says Elizabeth Warren 'in excellent health'  ABC News
  3. The Surge: The Biden campaign improves with age.  Slate Magazine
  4. Biden?s Tax Plan Is Better Than It Looks  Bloomberg
  5. Four possible outcomes of 2020 and what they'd mean for conservatism and socialism  Washington Examiner
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Saudi Arabia 'greatly angered' by Pensacola Navy base shooting, Trump says  USA TODAY
  1. Johnson, Corbyn wage Brexit battle in final debate before UK election  Reuters
  2. This Week in Brexit: These Two Scots May Be the Last Hope to Stop Brexit  Slate
  3. In Brexit Britain, Labour Party risks losing its 'Red Wall' industrial heartlands  NBC News
  4. The Tories may think they've already won ? but the stats tell a different story  The Guardian
  5. Next week?s British elections will be a window into 2020  The Washington Post
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  1. Merkel warns against 'dangerous historical revisionism' in visit to Auschwitz | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Germany's Angela Merkel visits Auschwitz for first time amid rising anti-Semitism  Fox News
  3. Auschwitz visit: Angela Merkel says Germany must remember Nazi crimes  BBC News
  4. Merkel expresses 'shame' during Auschwitz visit, vows to fight anti-Semitism  Reuters
  5. Merkel?s Moral Authority is a Vanishing Creed  Bloomberg
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  1. Iraqi Families Search for Protesters Left Missing in Crackdown  The Wall Street Journal
  2. Several killed in central Baghdad as assailants fire live rounds  Al Jazeera English
  3. 15 Killed in Baghdad Square as Assailants Fire Live Rounds  TIME
  4. Iraq protest death toll mounts as cleric warns against meddling  Reuters
  5. US blacklists Iran-backed Iraqi militia leaders over protests
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  1. The Stakes For Ukraine Are High In Monday's Summit Between Putin And Zelenskiy  NPR
  2. An election is no solution when Trump, Russia and Republicans are determined to steal it  USA TODAY
  3. Ukraine's president, a political novice, faces major test in first direct talks with Putin  The Washington Post
  4. Russia Is 'Ready to Immediately' Extend Nuclear Arms Limit Treaty, Says U.S. Is Not Answering  Newsweek
  5. Jon Huntsman says Vladimir Putin is likely 'joyful' about Ukraine theory  Salt Lake Tribune
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  1. US employers added 266000 jobs in November  CNN
  2. Here's where the jobs are ? in one chart  CNBC
  3. Unemployment Hits 50-Year Low 3.5% as US Adds 266,000 Jobs  Newsmax
  4. Jobs report delivers 'stellar' news -- so why do Democrats want to impeach Trump?  New York Post
  5. What Would We Do Without Experts?  The Wall Street Journal
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  1. Uber's Crime Report Is ?Highly Alarming,? Says a Criminologist  WIRED
  2. Uber Says 3,045 Sexual Assaults Were Reported in U.S. Rides Last Year  The New York Times
  3. U.S. lawmaker says Uber must take action after disclosing sexual assault reports
  4. Don't freak out over report of '3,000 sexual assaults': Uber is incredibly safe  Washington Examiner
  5. Uber Safety Study Reveals More Than 3000 Reports of Sexual Assault in 2018  KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
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  1. KFC is selling a chicken-scented fire log to warm your drumsticks this holiday season  CNN
  2. Daily Deals: The KFC 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog Is Back for 2019 (And It's Real) - IGN  IGN
  3. KFC Yule log returns  Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV
  4. Extra crispy fire: Walmart is selling KFC fried chicken scented firelog  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland
  5. KFC sells an artificial fire log that smells like greasy fried chicken  Boing Boing
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  1. Canadian cannabis brand Canopy is launching CBD in the US  Quartz
  2. Facebook?s Secret Ban On CBD Ads Is Devastating Small Businesses  HuffPost
  3. Learning More About Marijuana Topicals With Mary Jane's Medicinals | Westword  Westword
  4. Editorial: Seeds of confusion  Mount Desert Islander
  5. Forget the FDA! You Can Still Invest in CBD and Make Money  Motley Fool
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  1. Qualcomm Windows on Snapdragon: New 7c & 8c SoCs for sub-$800 Laptops  AnandTech
  2. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chip won't build in 5G. Here's why it matters  CNET
  3. Why You Should Wait Until 2021 to Buy a 5G PC  PCMag
  4. Qualcomm?s new Snapdragon 8c and 7c processors will power cheaper ARM laptops  Circuit Breaker
  5. Windows on ARM gets two new Qualcomm chips for budget laptops  TechSpot
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  1. Google Assistant gets a big note-taking revamp, with support for several apps  Ars Technica
  2. Google Assistant adds support for Keep,, and other third-party note apps  9to5Google
  3. Google Assistant adds topical podcast search and photo sharing via voice  The Verge
  4. Google announces Assistant integration with Keep to-dos and lists, for the fifth time  Android Police
  5. Yay! Google Keep is Back as Google Assistant Notes and Lists Option  Droid Life
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  1. Cyber Week sales are still going: iPad Pro, Dell laptops, Nintendo Switch Lite, and more deals  The Verge
  2. Black Friday May Be Over, But Amazon Is Still Rolling Out Amazing Deals to Prime Members  Yahoo Lifestyle
  3. Best Buy?s ?12 Days of Deals? starts today with discounts on Apple, Samsung, and more  BGR
  4. The Drive-Thru: Cyber Monday, Peloton's bizarre ad, and a 90-year-old Macy's store being taken over by Amazon  Business Insider
  5. Amazon's 12 Days of Deals just started?here are the best deals  USA TODAY
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  1. Galaxy S11: 108 MP camera, 5x zoom seemingly confirmed, possible 5,000 mAh battery  9to5Google
  2. Samsung?s Galaxy S11 reportedly has a 108-megapixel camera and 5x telephoto  Circuit Breaker
  3. Samsung Galaxy A70 5G ? is it any good as a 5G Phone?  Trusted Reviews
  4. Tech Junkie Review Google Pixel 4 Smartphone  FOX 31 Denver
  5. Best phones of 2019  Tom's Guide
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  1. Harvey Weinstein's diabetes and spine condition to blame for his appearance  Page Six
  2. Prosecutors allege Harvey Weinstein violated bail conditions by mishandling ankle monitor  msnNOW
  3. Harvey Weinstein bail hearing (LIVE) | USA TODAY  USA TODAY
  4. Harvey Weinstein disabled ankle monitor: prosecutors  New York Daily News
  5. Harvey Weinstein appears at court "clutching cane and looking enfeebled"  Boing Boing
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  1. Star Wars' Kathleen Kennedy on the Long Road to Ending the Skywalkers' Story  Gizmodo
  2. 'The Rise of Skywalker' wraps up the 'Star Wars' journey of a lifetime  CNN
  3. 'Star Wars' Sequel Trio Has No Plans to Return to Their Roles After IX  The Mary Sue
  4. New 'Star Wars' may have a gay character ? if this franchise continues to go woke, it will continue to go broke  RT
  5. 'Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance' Opening At Walt Disney World  ET Canada
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  1. ?The Irishman? Drew 13.2 Million Netflix Viewers Over Thanksgiving  The New York Times
  2. ?The Irishman? Nabs 17.1 Million U.S. Viewers on Netflix in First Five Days, per Nielsen  Variety
  3. ?The Irishman? Netflix Debut Drew 2.2M-3.2M Daily U.S. Viewers, Nielsen Says  Deadline
  4. CS Soapbox: Is It Okay to Watch The Irishman on a Phone?
  5. 'The Irishman' US viewership data on Netflix: Nielsen  Business Insider
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  1. Jordyn Woods Denies Clapping Back at Khloe Kardashian's Post About Her  TooFab
  2. Khloe and Kim Kardashian Confront Kourtney About Not Pulling Her Weight on 'KUWTK'  Yahoo Entertainment
  3. Jordyn Woods Sounds Off on Khloe Kardashian's Peace Offering  E! NEWS
  4. Stormi Snowboarding Video Goes Viral & Jordyn Woods Reacts To Khloe Kardashian Forgiving Her  HollywoodLife
  5. Jordyn Woods Just Shaded Khlo Kardashian Over Her 'Forgiveness' Instagram Post  Showbiz Cheat Sheet
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  1. New York Knicks fire David Fizdale and Keith Smart, promote Mike Miller to interim head coach, per report  CBS Sports
  2. David Fizdale fired by Knicks in 'sickening' ending  New York Post
  3. The Knicks Have Reportedly Fired David Fizdale, but That Won?t Solve Anything  The Ringer
  4. It Doesn't Matter Who Takes Over For David Fizdale Until Dolan Is Gone! | Tiki + Tierney  CBS Sports
  5. Everyone in Knicks organization is to blame for this disaster  New York Post
  6. View full coverage on Google News
  1. Frustration Flares Up In Jones' Radio Interview
  2. Cowboys' Jerry Jones cut off during radio interview for cursing twice  ESPN
  3. Jerry Jones tired of Cowboys 'losing, losing, losing' after his team falls flat in Chicago  CBS Sports
  4. Why Urban Meyer coaching the Cowboys makes more sense than a return to college  msnNOW
  5. Jerry Jones swears on the air, gets dumped from live radio interview
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  1. Tua Tagovailoa admits he might not be the same after injury
  2. Miami Dolphins should draft Tua Tagovailoa at No. 22 | Dave Hyde  Sun Sentinel
  3. Tua Tagovailoa - Tough to pass on draft if top 10-15 pick  ESPN
  4. Opinion: Dolphins should send signal to Tua: Yes, we still want you  USA TODAY
  5. NFL Draft 2020: Here?s what it will take for Tua Tagovailoa to leave Alabama
  6. View full coverage on Google News
  1. Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Announces Retirement at 29  E! NEWS
  2. Caroline Wozniacki to retire after 2020 Australian Open  ESPN
  3. Caroline Wozniacki, 29, to retire after 2020 Australian Open, closing her 'first chapter'  Yahoo Sports
  4. Caroline Wozniacki retires in abrupt tennis shocker  New York Post
  5. Caroline Wozniacki Announces Retirement, Wants to Start Family  TMZ
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Gamma-ray laser moves a step closer to reality Cannibalistic Dinosaurs Went Through a Lot of Teeth  The New York Times
  1. New Cooling System for a Device on the Space Station on This Week @NASA ? December 6, 2019  NASA
  2. SpaceX Launches Dragon Cargo Ship to Space Station for NASA, Sticks Rocket Landing
  3. Mice in space: NASA's latest experiment  Phys.Org
  4. Space to Ground: Round Three: 12/6/2019  NASA Johnson
  5. Russian Cargo Craft Launches Toward Space Station
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This Brainless, Single-Celled Blob Can Make Complex 'Decisions'
  1. US flu season arrives early, driven by an unexpected virus  CNBC
  2. Unexpected virus makes flu season hit early and hard  Fox Business
  3. US Flu Season Arrives Early, Driven by Unexpected Virus  NBC New York
  4. First pediatric flu death of the season reported in San Antonio  KSAT 12
  5. Flu Season May Peak Just in Time for the Holidays  Healthline
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  1. Samoa Arrests Anti-Vaccination Activist As Measles Death Toll Rises  NPR
  2. Leading anti-vaxxer jailed as measles death toll rises to 63 in Samoa  Ars Technica
  3. S. Korea to provide aid to Samoa to help control measles outbreak  ARIRANG NEWS
  4. Artist Michel Mulipola portrays hope in Samoa's measles crisis
  5. Samoa Bans Kids from Church as Measles Outbreak Kills 63
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Our cellphones are causing more head and neck injuries, study shows  USA TODAY View full coverage on Google News
  1. If the U.S. had Samoa?s current level of measles cases, there would now be more than 7 million infected Americans  The Washington Post
  2. Measles deaths 'staggering and tragic'  BBC News
  3. The US must act now to help stop the global measles surge | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Measles Cases Around The World Show A Sharp Spike In Past Two Years : Goats and Soda  NPR
  5. Measles outbreak warning as 140,000 die in one year - young children at great risk
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