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Webmaster Resources - Quote Tickers

It's true! The TR4DER portal already allows you to use our quote tickers on your websites, blogs, etc.

The TR4DER portal allows you to use our quote tickers on any website you might have. If you have a website in which you wish to put a quote ticker, with quotes from indexes or stocks, or even if you have a personal blog about investments, or others, you can create your customized tickers here, for free.

The quote tickers are updated by the TR4DER portal, and some may contain a small delay, some more than others sometimes, but they are exactly the same used by the TR4DER portal itself, but with a small difference: It is possible for the users to customize these tickers:

The users can choose which assets to put on their tickers, whether stocks or indexes or Forex crosses, we just need to put on the ticker during its creation the assets we want to see there and the tickers will then be always functional as we want. This way, our users may have quote tickers always updated, freely available for their use whenever necessary, even on their websites, without any type of publicity or obligation or cost, and in an automated way.

The users can also define a background color for their tickers, to adapt them to the design of their websites, besides being able to change the width of the tickers, not to mention also the assets that the tickers themselves would contain. All the assets shown on this portal's quote page can be used to create the quote tickers.

For example, the small ticker with quotes from several indexes that is shown on the TR4DER portal, was created by putting on the text box below the symbols of the indexes that would compose that ticker (on the quote ticker shown on our portal the following text was used " ^DJI- ^NDX- ^GSPC- ^GDAXI- ^N225- ^FTSE- ^IBEX- ^FHCI- ^MIB30- ^HSI- ^STOXX50E- ^PSI20- ^BVSP- ^AEX- ^AORD- ^HUI- ^BFX- ^MXX"), returning this way the HTML code with the desired configuration for us to use.

It is possible to add or remove the indexes or stocks contained in this ticker. After putting the assets there we can put two more values, the velocity and the background color of the ticker. If no symbols are written, the ticker will have the default asset symbols used on the TR4DER portal.

The higher the number in the speed value, the faster the ticker will be after, but it is not advisable to have a speed with a value greater than 5.

For example, if we want a ticker with just some of the most famous European indexes with a speed of 7 (the minimum speed is 1 and the maximum is 15), with a white background (with the HTML "FFFFFF" color), and a width of 350 pixels, we would end up having the following code:

On the example given above we have the "^GDAXI-^FTSE-^IBEX-^FHCI-^MIB30-^PSI20" indexes, a speed of 7, white as background color (#FFFFFF), and a width of 350 pixels.

These charts, as it happens with everything that exists in this website, are 100% free and without any cost, neither there is any obligation with their use or publicity.

Attention: If a certain asset changes its symbol in the future (usually we keep those symbols the more similar possible to the ones used on the Internet and we change them also for search purposes), the webmasters of certain websites won't have to preoccupy with changing the symbol in the code on their websites, since the TR4DER portal will do all the work by recognizing the symbol of the ancient assets which are not used any more, and show the correct ones. For example, we have the old symbol of "SNA.LS", which can be used without any problems by any user in the code that is put on their websites, and TR4DER will manage to search the "Sonae SGPS" asset anyway without its new symbol. For that reason, it will never be necessary to change anything on the HTML code on the websites even if we change the assets' symbols, since everything is done by the TR4DER portal itself.

Custom Quote Ticker Configuration:

Quote Ticker as it is with the current configuration:

Width:Speed:Background Color:

Click below to select and copy the HTML code:

HTML code to be used on websites, blogs, etc...

Attention: It is necessary to add a "<p>" at the end of the HTML code if you wish

to have a line of distance between the chart and the following text.

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