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AUD to USD (AUDUSD=X)0.76702017-11-01+0.00+0.19%O 0.7656H 0.7696L 0.7645
CHF to JPY (CHFJPY=X)113.73002017-11-01-0.21-0.1817%O 113.9700H 114.1080L 113.7000
EUR to AUD (EURAUD=X)1.51512017-11-01-0.01-0.4016%O 1.5213H 1.5224L 1.5115
EUR to CAD (EURCAD=X)1.49552017-11-01-0.01-0.3704%O 1.5011H 1.5026L 1.4950
EUR to CHF (EURCHF=X)1.16632017-11-01+0.01+0.44%O 1.1615H 1.1664L 1.1610
EUR to GBP (EURGBP=X)0.87762017-11-01+0.00+0.09%O 0.8767H 0.8784L 0.8732
EUR to JPY (EURJPY=X)132.65102017-11-01+0.27+0.20%O 132.3960H 132.8400L 132.3200
EUR to USD (EURUSD=X)1.16192017-11-01-0.00-0.2413%O 1.1647H 1.1657L 1.1605
GBP to CHF (GBPCHF=X)1.32902017-11-01+0.00+0.34%O 1.3245H 1.3330L 1.3238
GBP to JPY (GBPJPY=X)151.13302017-11-01+0.15+0.10%O 150.9880H 151.9450L 150.9200
GBP to USD (GBPUSD=X)1.32412017-11-01-0.00-0.3124%O 1.3283H 1.3321L 1.3239
NZD to USD (NZDUSD=X)0.68842017-11-01-0.00-0.0189%O 0.6885H 0.6931L 0.6879
USD to CAD (USDCAD=X)1.28692017-11-01-0.00-0.1567%O 1.2889H 1.2910L 1.2863
USD to CHF (USDCHF=X)1.00362017-11-01+0.01+0.66%O 0.9970H 1.0037L 0.9965
USD to DKK (USDDKK=X)6.40372017-11-01+0.01+0.23%O 6.3884H 6.4114L 6.3810
USD to JPY (USDJPY=X)114.13102017-11-01+0.48+0.42%O 113.6580H 114.2820L 113.5800
USD to NOK (USDNOK=X)8.14622017-11-01-0.02-0.2331%O 8.1652H 8.1832L 8.1246
USD to SEK (USDSEK=X)8.39542017-11-01+0.02+0.25%O 8.3754H 8.4076L 8.3577
USD to SGD (USDSGD=X)1.36122017-11-01-0.00-0.0837%O 1.3623H 1.3643L 1.3588
USD to ZAR (USDZAR=X)14.07702017-11-01-0.05-0.3271%O 14.1286H 14.1692L 14.0236
PS: All quotes updated in 10 minutes intervals.