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ADIDAS N (ADS.F)187.702017-11-01-3.44-1.802%O 192.32H 192.32L 187.23
ALLIANZ N (ALV.F)203.012017-11-01+4.01+2.02%O 200.68H 203.51L 200.58
ALTANA (ALT.F)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
BASF N (BAS.F)95.722017-11-01+2.27+2.43%O 94.10H 96.28L 94.10
BAYER N (BAY.F)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
BAYER SCHERING PH (SCH.F)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
BMW (BMW.F)89.312017-11-01+2.03+2.32%O 87.90H 89.93L 87.90
COMMERZBANK (CBK.F)11.942017-11-01+0.19+1.61%O 11.85H 11.97L 11.82
CONTINENTAL (CON.F)221.592017-11-01+3.96+1.82%O 218.60H 222.43L 218.60
DAIMLER N (DAI.F)72.932017-11-01+1.75+2.45%O 71.75H 73.13L 71.74
DEUTSCHE BANK N (DBK.F)14.232017-11-01+0.27+1.96%O 14.09H 14.23L 13.85
DEUTSCHE BOERSE N (DB1.F)90.632017-11-01+1.73+1.94%O 89.81H 90.63L 89.81
DEUTSCHE POST N (DPW.F)40.012017-11-01+0.67+1.70%O 39.75H 40.39L 39.75
DEUTSCHE TELEKOM (DTE.F)15.362017-11-01-0.11-0.711%O 15.40H 15.47L 15.17
DR ING PORSCHE VZ (POR.L)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
DT.LUFTHANSA N (LHA.F)28.222017-11-01+0.92+3.37%O 27.50H 28.29L 27.20
E.ON N (EOAN.F)10.412017-11-01+0.27+2.62%O 10.20H 10.48L 10.17
EE (MEOF.F)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
FRESENIUS MED CAR (FME.F)83.102017-11-01-0.28-0.333%O 83.55H 83.90L 83.08
HENKEL VZ (HEN3.F)122.002017-11-01+1.30+1.08%O 120.75H 122.13L 120.30
HYPO REAL ESTATE (HRX.F)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
INFINEON TECHNOLO (IFX.F)24.442017-11-01+0.91+3.87%O 23.84H 24.69L 23.84
LINDE (LIN.F)188.022017-11-01+3.09+1.67%O 186.50H 189.67L 186.00
MAN (MAN.F)94.722017-11-01+0.08+0.09%O 94.72H 94.72L 94.72
MUNICHRE (MUV2.F)194.342017-11-01+2.57+1.34%O 193.01H 195.32L 193.00
PORSCHE A HLDG VZ (POR3.DE)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
RWE (RWE.F)22.032017-11-01+0.56+2.60%O 21.70H 22.14L 21.55
SAP (SAP.F)99.912017-11-01+2.23+2.28%O 98.40H 100.63L 98.25
SIEMENS N (SIE.F)125.102017-11-01+2.51+2.05%O 123.22H 125.80L 123.20
THYSSENKRUPP (TKA.F)23.372017-11-01+0.42+1.83%O 22.90H 23.53L 22.90
TUI N (TUI1.F)15.272017-11-01-0.29-1.864%O 15.51H 15.64L 15.27
VOLKSWAGEN (VOW.F)167.402017-11-01+7.93+4.97%O 160.25H 168.00L 160.25
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