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ACCOR (AC.PA)42.722017-11-01-0.12-0.280%O 42.75H 42.97L 42.64
AGF (AGF.PA)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
AIR LIQUIDE (AI.PA)110.502017-11-01+1.20+1.10%O 109.45H 110.75L 109.15
ALCATEL-LUCENT (ALU.PA) 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
ALSTOM (ALO.PA)34.902017-11-01+0.16+0.45%O 34.82H 35.20L 34.82
AXA (CS.PA)26.252017-11-01+0.32+1.22%O 25.93H 26.34L 25.93
BNP PARIBAS-A- (BNP.PA)65.952017-11-01-1.09-1.63%O 67.24H 67.25L 65.95
BOUYGUES (EN.PA)41.512017-11-01+0.29+0.70%O 41.35H 41.71L 41.35
CAP GEMINI (CAP.PA)105.052017-11-01+0.70+0.67%O 104.95H 105.80L 104.65
CARREFOUR (CA.PA)17.292017-11-01+0.01+0.06%O 17.31H 17.41L 17.20
CREDIT AGRICOLE (ACA.PA)14.952017-11-01-0.03-0.20%O 15.03H 15.13L 14.94
DANONE (BN.PA)70.262017-11-01+0.12+0.17%O 70.51H 70.77L 70.26
DEXIA (DX.PA)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
EADS (EAD.PA)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
EDF (EDF.PA)14.512018-11-30--0.20+0.99%O 14.69H 14.71L 14.46
ESSILOR INTL (EI.PA)107.652017-11-01-1.05-0.97%O 109.20H 109.80L 107.65
FRANCE TELECOM (FTE.PA)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
GDF SUEZ (GSZ.PA)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
LAFARGE (LG.PA) 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
LAGARDERE SCA N (MMB.PA)28.282017-11-010.000.00%O 28.35H 28.48L 28.14
LVMH (MC.PA)255.252017-11-01-0.85-0.33%O 256.65H 258.10L 255.25
MICHELIN (ML.PA)125.652017-11-01+1.45+1.17%O 124.25H 126.35L 124.05
PERNOD RICARD (RI.PA)128.952017-11-01+0.20+0.16%O 128.95H 129.65L 128.85
PEUGEOT (UG.PA)20.812017-11-01+0.44+2.16%O 20.50H 20.86L 20.47
PPR (PP.PA)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
RENAULT (RNO.PA)86.602017-11-01+1.46+1.71%O 85.80H 86.96L 85.70
SAINT GOBAIN (SGO.PA)50.332017-11-01-0.03-0.06%O 50.64H 50.90L 50.33
SANOFI (SAN.PA)80.532017-11-01-0.76-0.93%O 81.79H 81.99L 80.43
SCHNEIDER ELECTRI (SU.PA)75.252017-11-01-0.20-0.27%O 75.75H 75.94L 75.25
STE GENERALE-A- (GLE.PA)47.802017-11-010.000.00%O 48.12H 48.26L 47.67
STMICROELECTRONIC (STM.PA)12.882018-12-05--0.44+0.97%O 13.05H 13.16L 12.86
SUEZ (ROMPUS) (SZE.PA)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
TECHNICOLOR (TMS.PA)0.00N/AN/AO 0.00H 0.00L 0.00
TOTAL (FP.PA)48.282017-11-01+0.41+0.86%O 48.19H 48.54L 48.14
VALLOUREC (VK.PA)4.722017-11-01+0.02+0.32%O 4.72H 4.81L 4.69
VEOLIA ENVIRONN. (VIE.PA)18.542018-12-05--0.22+0.99%O 18.63H 18.69L 18.37
VINCI (DG.PA)84.202017-11-01+0.15+0.18%O 84.21H 84.59L 83.95
VIVENDI (VIV.PA)21.802018-12-05--0.21+0.99%O 21.78H 21.96L 21.62
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